Airwalker® is a favorite Occupational and Physical Therapy Swing that offers a totally different bodily experience of deep pressure, suspension and weightlessness akin to womb-like safety and comfort.   

Being suspended creates a heightened relationship to gravity, which stimulates the vestibular system responsible for balance and coordination. Moving against the highly stretchy resistant fabric also activates the proprioception system responsible for knowing where we are in space.  The Airwalker's holding, deep pressure, elastic walls promote positive body movement experiences that assure self calming and regulation, as well as co-ordination and body control.

Plus, it's fun! Children may be totally en-wrapped, laid out flat, sitting, or kneeling. 

Our new washable design is expertly engineered for safety and durability.  We include the highest quality rotater to prevent fabric wear and make for smooth spinning.

Airwalker has been featured in TV's Home Makeovers as the center point for several sensory rooms. 

Download Airwalker Activity Guide

Download Airwalker Installation and Safety information

Download Airwalker Washing and Disassembly Sheet

Download Airwalker Length vs Weight Chart

Full Year Limited Warranty
All Dye-namic Movement Products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for one full year from date of shipment. All equipment will wear with use and no guarantee is made against normal deterioration. We recommend you establish 
a regular inspection program of all equipment, fittings and support systems to guard against injury. Any alteration of equipment or use of equipment in a non-recommended fashion voids all warranties. 

Limitation of Liability 

Our products are intended for use with adult supervision. Though we use the finest materials available, we cannot guarantee freedom from injury. The user assumes all risk of injury.

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