Dye-namic Movement Products designs and manufactures unique stretch movement products used in therapy, dance, education and fitness. We also create our own training materials and videos, and present papers at major conferences. Founded in 1995 by professional dancer and dance/movement therapist, Kimberly Dye, her designs have won major awards including the Great Gear of the Year Award, the Parent’s Choice Gold Award, and the Early Childhood Director’s Choice Award for their unique contribution to movement education and fitness. Our products are carried worldwide online and through educational, therapy, and fitness catalogues. They have been seen on 20/20 News and on the popular Home Makeovers TV series in a featured multi-sensory play room.


Dancers, therapists, and Pilates instructors are often familiar with the highly dramatic and physically satisfying effects of working with springy resistance. Our high quality nylon/lycra spandex fabric not only feels good on your body but also provides springy resistance important for tactile, proprioception, and vestibular feedback responsible for good balance, co-ordination, and body control. Whole body pressure effectively calms and regulates an overactive or underactive nervous system. This is useful for motivating the out of condition exerciser, focusing the hyperactive child, blending groups of various ages and abilities, and improving parent/child bonding.

We are fortunate to have many distributors in the early childhood, physical education, special needs education, therapy, and fitness fields.  Their outreach and excellent programs continue to help us reach more and more people who will benefit from our designs and programs.  Some of our distributors include School Specialty, SouthPaw Enterprises, Balanced Body, Fun and Function, Pacific Pediatric Supply, Achievement Products, Autism-Products, TFH Special Needs, Music in Motion, Thinking Toys, Skillbuilders Therapy Services, and E-Special Needs.  We continue to grow and are recently being represented by PhysioPilates in Brazil.  Our products have homes in The Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, Israel, England, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Germany, and Bali!

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