A Parent's Choice Gold Award Winner!

Elastablast® can bring fun and creativity to your movement therapy, fitness, or children's dance class. It's strong springy resistance maximizes proprioception input invaluable for grounding and motor co-ordination all while working together as a unit. Children love the rebound that requires them to assert their body weight and throw caution to the wind. (Within proper limits) See our activities page for games and movement ideas or review our DVD's below. 

Don't be fooled by cheaper imitations out there.

We have seen them poorly made with light-weight materials and dubious clamping methods covered with duct tape.  We use a heavy duty inner latex core engineered with industry standard connectors and pneumatic clamps.  The knock-offs can't compare to our 200 weight, double-sided thick outer fleece.  Keep your children safe with our higher quality product made in the U.S.A.

Elastablast is an excellent tool for early childhood educators!

Mary J. Sullivan Coleman, OTR, MA and Laura J. Krueger, PT, MA use the Elastablast to facilitate Preschool Friendships with children of all abilities. 

Music Therapists use Elastablast for teaching rhythm and musicality.

Wendy Zieve, MA, MT-BC says: "The Elastablast is my absolutely number ONE most effective tool to promote social interaction among children with autism and other developmental delays.  They will overcome their reluctance to be in a group because they are so motivated to touch the fleece, see the colors and feel the resistance of the elastic.  It is perfect for pairing with song activities that teach passing to a neighbor, color identification, body part identification, and vocabulary such as up, down, under, on top, around."

Pilates and Group Exercise instructors create group synchrony

Full Year Limited Warranty
All Dye-namic Movement Products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for one full year from date of shipment. All equipment will wear with use and no guarantee is made against normal deterioration. We recommend you establish a regular inspection program of all equipment, fittings and support systems to guard against injury. Any alteration of equipment or use of equipment in a non-recommended fashion voids all warranties. 

Limitation of Liability
Our products are intended for use with adult supervision. Though we use the finest materials available, we cannot guarantee freedom from injury. The user assumes all risk of injury. 

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